Definition of in front of in English:

in front of


  • 1In a position just ahead or at the front part of someone or something else.

    ‘the lawn in front of the house’
    • ‘Christie frowned as she noticed a sleek black car parked in front of her house.’
    • ‘He could not remember the colour of the van parked in front of the bogus police car.’
    • ‘He is posed, standing on his back legs, his two front paws pulled up in front of his chest.’
    • ‘Maybe the horse is crossing his outside front leg behind his inside front instead of in front of it.’
    • ‘The view over the golf course and the front lake in front of a wood was outstanding.’
    • ‘We rushed out to move our cars which were parked in the road in front of the house.’
    • ‘There was just enough of a gap to zip into the lane beside me and get back in front of the truck ahead.’
    • ‘This would allow residents to use the areas in front of their houses for parking.’
    • ‘I'd close my eyes and imagine a camper van parked in front of the house and then one day it was there.’
    • ‘There's a nice bit of lawn in front of the hall, just right for kicking a ball about.’
    1. 1.1In a position facing someone or something.
      ‘she sat in front of the mirror’
      • ‘If I sit in front of a computer screen long enough, I can actually churn out quite a lot of words.’
      • ‘Dr. Rob wades across to the stage and sits in front of it in cross-legged expectancy.’
      • ‘They tend to sit in front of televisions and computer screens for hours on end.’
      • ‘I found that I liked to program sitting in front of a computer, not a piece of paper.’
      • ‘Maybe it shows that children who are sat in front of a TV for long periods tend to be overweight.’
      • ‘Now I can just sit in front of the TV and knit away without too much thinking about it.’
      • ‘All my work is computer based and I spend the majority of my working day sitting in front of a screen.’
      • ‘People sometimes look at her and think she sits in front of the TV and eats and eats.’
      • ‘As the wind howled in the chimney, we sat on a sofa in front of a roaring fireplace.’
      • ‘She sat down in front of the fireplace and held out her hands above the hearth.’
      facing, before
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  • 2In the presence of.

    ‘the teacher didn't want his authority challenged in front of the class’
    • ‘We were over the moon and quite humbled to win such a big award in front of 400 people.’
    • ‘You are in front of 15,000 people and all of a sudden you are in a hotel room by yourself.’
    • ‘I am sure my sister was very proud of me being disgusting in front of all these people in a town hall.’
    • ‘It was just me and him there, so there was no one to humiliate me in front of.’
    • ‘His debut in front of over 28,000 people is a long way from his humble roots in Senegal.’
    • ‘Even if it's in front of three people I feel I've had a great gig if I was able to do my best.’
    • ‘There was no family to act in front of, no camera to paste a smile for - so what was the point?’
    • ‘One of our guys rolled his oversize truck on a residential street in front of a visiting dignitary.’
    • ‘Take every opportunity you can to perform in front of others and develop your stage persona.’
    • ‘My parents cannot cope with the burden of humiliation in front of our relatives.’
    in the presence of, before, before the very eyes of, in the sight of, under the nose of
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