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  • 1With nothing omitted.

    ‘I shall expect your life story in full’
    • ‘She explained the story in full to her mother, who sounded somewhat shocked and appalled.’
    • ‘The hospital also comes across looking bad, but their side of the story hasn't been told in full.’
    • ‘Whole paragraphs, like the following one, are worth quoting in full for their vivid illumination of an age.’
    • ‘The question over whether McCabe's sums will indeed add up will only be answered once his report is published in full tomorrow.’
    • ‘The controversy surrounding its announcement to the press was unfortunate and is documented here in full.’
    • ‘The information was unfiltered, police briefings given in full, speeches unedited for sound-bites.’
    • ‘The family can speak English so everyone is listening to my side of the conversation, which will be repeated in full the moment I hang up.’
    • ‘The reply, printed in full in Ireland's Own, has gone down in history as have the names of the people involved.’
    • ‘The text of Mrs Davidson's letter is reproduced below in full, and my reply is reproduced below that in full as well.’
    • ‘The inset shows the full experiment with numbers denoting the four steps described in full in the text.’
    in its entirety, in total, without abridgement, without omission, unabridged, uncut, fully
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    1. 1.1To the full amount due.
      ‘their relocation costs would be paid in full’
      • ‘When the end of the term is reached, the outstanding loan amount must be repaid in full.’
      • ‘The obvious risk is that the fund will not have grown sufficiently to pay back your capital amount in full.’
      • ‘Now Bernie has only a matter of days to go before his dues are paid in full and he's determined to leave Las Vegas to make a fresh start in life.’
      • ‘The work had taken 30 minutes, and the trader had been paid in full.’
      • ‘But nobody can legitimately argue that he didn't pay his dues in full.’
      • ‘I hope you can launch an investigation into this, and I also look forward to my tickets being refunded speedily, and in full.’
      • ‘She added she got rid of all her credit cards except one but admitted she doesn't always pay off the balance in full every month.’
      • ‘The council say that the increase reflects the fact that the last financial year was the first in which new levels of allowances were paid in full.’
      • ‘Or, they could reach an arrangement with the trustees if they could not afford to settle any deficit in the scheme in full.’
      • ‘While the cost of Noel's surgery will be met in full, he will incur expenses associated with his stay in England.’
    2. 1.2To the utmost; completely.
      ‘the textbooks have failed to exploit in full the opportunities offered’
      • ‘Our stance and programme is rehabilitation to assist them to exploit their potential in full.’
      • ‘This they say will allow children to have a better opportunity to benefit in full from the education system.’
      • ‘By March, however, it is intended to start implementing the bye-laws in full.’
      • ‘The panel's recommendations have been accepted in full, the Minister added.’
      • ‘Lawyers were seeking the interim release order until their case is heard in full, on June the 23rd.’
      • ‘Jefferson's program would have destroyed the new republic if implemented in full.’
      • ‘Write a complex, long-winded law that few people really understand in full.’
      • ‘According to Government sources, it is important that the development plan is implemented in full.’
      • ‘The case has already been mentioned twice within the High Court and is expected to proceed in full within six months.’
      • ‘There are a lot of people who want to live decent lives, and for them we want to see peace, in full.’