Definition of in goal in English:

in goal


  • In the position of goalkeeper.

    ‘He's the best goalkeeper and has played in goal for a long time and not let us down.’
    • ‘Barthez is unchallenged in goal - no one will break into the goalkeeping slot.’
    • ‘Carrick is still sitting so deep that he might as well go in goal.’
    • ‘Eventually I said let me do one or the other so they said go in goal.’
    • ‘The idea is to have one person in goal and the rest of the people play on their own (or doubles as the case may be).’
    • ‘I enjoy going in goal during training sessions but on a serious note we got the three points and that's the main thing.’
    • ‘If he only could, McClaren would surely look for more options in goal as well.’
    • ‘I stood in goal, agony and all, and proceeded to save a free kick with my face.’
    • ‘He is currently travelling around Australia, trying to persuade people to let him have a go in goal.’
    • ‘My brother and I always used to go out and play against each other, we used to take turns to take shots and go in goal.’