Definition of in good standing in English:

in good standing


  • In favor or on good terms with someone.

    ‘the companies wanted to stay in good standing with the government’
    • ‘The accused had a promising career as a supervisor at a manufacturing plant, was a member in good standing at his local Evangelical church, and was a part-time student at College of DuPage.’
    • ‘Soho House aspirants must be nominated by two members in good standing before submitting their application to a strict committee, which meets just once every three months.’
    • ‘She did not leave in good standing with the rest of the judges.’
    • ‘I am deeply disappointed that you, as president of a union in which I have been a member in good standing for the last 25 years, would publicly condemn me without ever having spoken to me on any issue.’
    • ‘Specter will become chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee next year as a Republican in good standing who is also a favorite senator in liberal-labor circles.’
    • ‘Even if you're employed, financially solvent, in good standing in your community and materially comfortable, that can change - and quickly.’
    • ‘But they believe the president is in good standing.’
    • ‘He has always been keen to prove himself ‘a member in good standing of the intellectual community’, with an unquenchable appetite for university titles and honours.’
    • ‘The Pennsylvania Department of Education doesn't know whether any schools are in good standing under the state law mandating gender equity in sports.’
    • ‘New Zealand has a reputation as a consistent supporter of multilateralism and free-trade and a member in good standing of the international community.’