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in good time

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  • 1With no risk of being late.

    ‘I arrived in good time’
    • ‘The wake would be conducted for the first night, and the following evening the hearse would arrive at the house in good time.’
    • ‘The teeing-off time is from 9.30-11.00 am and all those competing are asked to arrive in good time.’
    • ‘The traffic was very light and we arrived in good time.’
    • ‘Participants are encouraged to arrive in good time for what promises to be a very interesting presentation.’
    • ‘Registration is required and participants should arrive in good time to enter.’
    • ‘Notes can be posted, provided they arrive in good time for the event being publicised.’
    • ‘I arrive at Heathrow in good time, secure a window seat and descend into the Mecca that is duty free shopping.’
    • ‘I make my way in good time, and arrive at the indicated address about 20 minutes early.’
    • ‘Grace and John arrived at El Bistro in good time.’
    • ‘I arrived at Montpellier airport in good time and met my girlfriend who had come to pick me up.’
    punctual, punctually, prompt, promptly, on time
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  • 2

    (also all in good time)
    In due course but without haste.

    ‘you shall have a puppy all in good time’
    • ‘Slowly, slowly, and all in good time, of course, as I have my Ph.D to attend to first and foremost!’
    • ‘There is the opportunity to do fun stuff, but all in good time: my job, to play football, is the most important thing.’
    • ‘I was only nine years old - I didn't understand that everything would come all in good time.’
    • ‘But I promise you'll understand it all in good time.’
    • ‘I'm afraid I haven't had much time to renovate but all in good time!’
    • ‘‘All in good time, love, all in good time,’ Brandon said confidently.’
    • ‘We'll discuss property masks in detail, but all in good time.’
    • ‘For a moment, I felt a degree of envy in that she is, now, where I wish I was already, but all in good time I suppose.’
    • ‘I want to hear more, preferably better recorded, all in good time no doubt.’
    • ‘‘Patience, in good time,’ cried the caller to the gathering, most of whom were a little drunk and had no time for patience.’