Definition of in hock in English:

in hock


  • 1 informal Having been pawned.

    • ‘the family jewels are in hock already’
    • ‘Worse: rather than being self-denying while you retrain for more lucrative employment, should you put the contents of your workshop in hock and live it up at the nearest Ritz-Carlton?’
    • ‘In Washington, antiques, glasses and brassbound telescopes that had been in hock for decades are being snapped up by a rush of buyers.’
    • ‘But, unlike pawnshops in most countries, the real business is a steady stream of people putting their homes in hock.’
    1. 1.1In debt.
      ‘the company is in hock to the banks’
      • ‘In other words they are in hock to the government, who control their spending.’
      • ‘Because it doesn't depend on heavy machinery, this farm, unlike most, isn't in hock to the bank’.’
      • ‘The women were in hock to extortionate moneylenders.’
      • ‘Millions of the less well-off are in hock to money lenders because banks won't handle their affairs since the profit margin involved isn't big enough.’
      • ‘Our most fertile citizens are constantly in hock to student loans and hired on contract rather than a full-time position.’
      • ‘Wouldn't there be a danger of the hospital getting itself in hock to the private sector?’
      • ‘Irrespective of who is elected they will be in hock to their contributors.’
      • ‘That story had a happier ending than many closer to home where families get in hock to the tune of thousands of euro.’
      • ‘There is evidence that some will even get in hock with illegal money lenders, which can have truly disastrous consequences.’
      • ‘‘I'm always in hock, because of the investment of time, energy, and money,’ she said to me.’