Definition of in honor of in English:

in honor of


  • As a celebration of or expression of respect for.

    ‘a dinner given in honor of Nevinson’
    • ‘There were great celebrations in Castlegregory in honour of the world champions.’
    • ‘Family members and friends joined May for a special celebration in honour of the occasion.’
    • ‘We do hope to see both young and old at this celebration in honour of our Lady.’
    • ‘We heard speeches and read articles and held celebrations in honour of the great achievement.’
    • ‘The Senate today held a moment of silence in honor of all the troops in Iraq.’
    • ‘A special celebration party was held in the family home in honour of the popular couple.’
    • ‘At the end of the meeting the group held a buffet dinner in honor of the new committee.’
    • ‘On Sunday my uncle organized a big family lunch in honour of my graduation.’
    • ‘She bought me a rose to plant in the garden in honour of my granny.’
    • ‘His former school named one of the school houses in honour of him.’
    memorial, remembrance, celebratory, celebrative