Definition of in hopes of in English:

in hopes of


  • With the aim of.

    ‘I lay on a towel in the park in hopes of getting a tan’
    • ‘Meira held her breath and backed quickly against the wall, in hopes of not being seen.’
    • ‘Prosecutors say he did so in hopes of securing a presidential pardon that never came.’
    • ‘I pass it daily in hopes of getting an invite, or at least a compliment on my new haircut.’
    • ‘A year later, he went back to his mentor in hopes of learning and perfecting some new skills.’
    • ‘Adam plopped down between his parents, giving a little bounce in hopes of rousing them.’
    • ‘Luke was in the middle of the huge dance floor, his eyes wandering in hopes of spotting Winnie.’
    • ‘Crane changed the subject in hopes of heading off an argument before it started.’
    • ‘Environmentalists have filed a freedom of information request in hopes of obtaining a copy of the report.’
    • ‘Rather than going straight upfield, he delays in hopes of making a big play and loses ground.’
    • ‘Steph was at her side of the dorm, rummaging through the closet in hopes of finding her left shoe.’