Definition of in hopes that in English:

in hopes that


  • Hoping that.

    ‘they are screaming in hopes that a police launch will pick us up’
    • ‘Jessie walked down the streets, heading for her home in hopes that when she got there, Arin would be awake.’
    • ‘I laid my head down in hopes that in the morning things wouldn't be so dreadful.’
    • ‘So every week or two a new book arrives, sent by a publisher in hopes that we will review it on this site and stimulate sales.’
    • ‘So here is my story in hopes that maybe someone reading this will understand that someone does care and that they are not alone.’
    • ‘We train elite athletes in hopes that they will make it to the Olympics.’
    • ‘I flirted with women, dated women, and had sex with women, all in hopes that my desires for men would go away.’
    • ‘I blinked quickly in hopes that her expression would change but she still looked disappointed.’
    • ‘I refused to speak beyond that, waiting in hopes that he would lose interest.’
    • ‘You create these lies in hopes that some of your readers will believe them, and I'm sure that some will.’
    • ‘In round nine Liston seemed to just be trying to box his way to the final bell in hopes that his early lead would get him the decision.’