Definition of in isolation in English:

in isolation


  • Without relation to other people or things; separately.

    ‘environmental problems must not be seen in isolation from social ones’
    • ‘In our understanding a person can be a person only in relationships, not in isolation.’
    • ‘Religious and other organisations do not exist in isolation from the military.’
    • ‘It must be a mixture of chemicals, like alcohol and cocaine, which is far more addictive than either in isolation.’
    • ‘But it soon became apparent that improved schooling would achieve little in isolation.’
    • ‘The safety of any one pesticide, for example, is calculated in isolation.’
    • ‘In fact, the effect of that rise in carbon dioxide in isolation from other factors would be about one degree celsius.’
    • ‘On earth, the question of environmental damage is often thought about in isolation.’
    • ‘He's not been misquoted and in isolation his memo is not without merit.’
    • ‘He was often on call 24 hours a day six days a week and lived in isolation.’
    • ‘Her close family were given a dose of antibiotics as a precaution, but most cases of the disease occur in isolation.’