Definition of in itself in English:

in itself

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  • Viewed in its essential qualities; considered separately from other things.

    ‘some would say bringing up a family was a full-time job in itself’
    • ‘That almost seems a job in itself - I hope you get out of the morass of paperwork soon.’
    • ‘Kant was clearly of the view that majority voting does not in itself produce legitimate law.’
    • ‘That in itself is not sufficient, in our view, to give rise to a special removal situation.’
    • ‘While a small point in itself, it is in our view another pointer against such a relationship.’
    • ‘On such a view, it is not in itself good if people are equally well off, or bad if they are not.’
    • ‘If this wasn't in itself an imperishable unintended satire of the right, there is more.’
    • ‘This in itself demonstrates how much territory we have surrendered to the criminals.’
    • ‘But to finish as the second best side in the country is a great achievement in itself.’
    • ‘While the Peat Inn is a destination in itself, there is plenty to do in the surrounding region.’
    • ‘Using the stuff is an art in itself - apply directly from the bottle or to dab on the finger first?’
    • ‘A work can be a concert in itself, and a concert as tightly structured as a work.’
    in itself, of itself, by itself, as such, intrinsically