Definition of in league in English:

in league


  • Conspiring with another or others.

    ‘he is in league with the devil’
    • ‘There's no doubt he can still sing, but now we know he isn't actually in league with the Devil, that's not enough anymore.’
    • ‘Intriguingly for those who recognize him, the part has him in league with his uncles in the White House.’
    • ‘In more refined versions, the American government is in league with the aliens and is assisting them in their abduction programme.’
    • ‘We know that all the forces that oppose us are in league with each other.’
    • ‘The death metallers, of course, come across not so much as being in league with Odin, as they'd like to think, as being a group of bullies.’
    • ‘Moreover, in Jacobean drama calculation and cynicism are typically coded as daemonic and intrigue is in league with Evil.’
    • ‘If you think this puts me in league with the demons, why, you know what to do.’
    • ‘However, when he was away from home, she hastened to accuse him of being in league with the devil.’
    collaborating with, cooperating with, in cooperation with, in alliance with, allied with, conspiring with, leagued with, linked with, hand in glove with, in collusion with