Definition of in line for in English:

in line for

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  • Likely to receive.

    ‘she might be in line for a cabinet post’
    • ‘Only I don't think I'll be in line for the sort of settlement she's likely to receive.’
    • ‘Olympic boxing silver medallist Amir Khan is in line for yet another high profile award.’
    • ‘Aussie Kris Tassell, who has been chased by Welsh Rugby Union clubs, is also in line for a new contract.’
    • ‘Two Manchester restaurants have made such a success of catering for veggies that they are in line for top national awards.’
    • ‘If Turin's theory is true, and Burr believes it is, Turin could be in line for the Nobel Prize.’
    • ‘Two big names in music may be in line for the most prestigious prize on the planet.’
    • ‘Thousands of BOI customers are expected to be in line for a refund of charges as a result of the case.’
    • ‘Sheffield's rundown riverside area will be in line for a facelift if plans to revamp it are approved.’
    • ‘According to legal experts, he could be in line for compensation running into millions of pounds.’
    • ‘Britain also looks in line for a further interest rate cut this summer.’
    a candidate for, in the running for, on the shortlist for, shortlisted for, being considered for, under consideration for, next in succession for, likely to receive, up for, ready for
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