Definition of in line with in English:

in line with


  • In alignment or accordance with.

    ‘remuneration is in line with comparable international organizations’
    • ‘They say this figure is out of line with what is being charged in other local authority areas.’
    • ‘This has been our policy for some time and is in line with most other train companies' policies.’
    • ‘This would bring the law in line with that on offensive weapons such as knives.’
    • ‘It is boosting production of its malaria drug in line with sharply increased demand.’
    • ‘Victims believe the severity of punishment is often out of line with the ‘crime’ committed - and in many cases, firms are quick to act without full knowledge or investigation.’
    • ‘These prices are totally out of line with current market values.’
    • ‘King said taking the extra volume of traffic and people celebrating over this weekend into account, the number of drink driving arrests wasn't out of line with their statistics.’
    • ‘Nevertheless Mr Justice Stanley Burnton, said the sentence was out of line with those given in other similar cases and must be regarded as ‘excessive’.’
    • ‘The Treasury review underlines that the British economy is seriously out of line with continental economies, with Britain's recovery years more advanced.’
    • ‘The new signing and selling system was introduced to bring English football into line with the rest of Europe.’