Definition of in microcosm in English:

in microcosm


  • In miniature.

    ‘Not only is it my home, my family's home and the southern fringe of Te Tai Tokerau, all of which are the best reasons to love a place, but in microcosm it is everything I love about New Zealand.’
    • ‘I loved this film - it's a sharp, tightly edited piece that, in microcosm, tells a story indicative of the massive changes our town is currently experiencing.’
    • ‘I think the programme makers were hoping for some kind of Lord of the Flies situation in which the boys would form their own society in microcosm, electing a leader or some form of substitute authority figure.’
    • ‘His advice might be good in microcosm: but if everyone follows it, if everyone submits to misapplied authority, we'll wind up in a police state.’
    • ‘And that's in microcosm, the story of the global media.’
    • ‘Here, even small things become the world in microcosm.’
    • ‘Even worse, they misfired horribly in areas where they were at full strength, their lineout was dreadful and the lineout phase itself offered the match in microcosm.’
    • ‘Now the new Senior VP faces in microcosm the same problem confronting the task force: there is nothing for her to do.’
    • ‘This was a Cup final but, in truth, it was also Celtic's season in microcosm, full of the insecurities that saw them broken-hearted at Motherwell.’
    • ‘The crises of the past two weeks have demonstrated - in microcosm - what is wrong with the health service, and why it needs to be torn down if it is to be transformed.’