Definition of in mid flow in English:

in mid flow


  • In the process of talking fluently.

    ‘the diplomats stopped her in mid flow, explaining they had to go to an important meeting’
    • ‘In mid flow of a mighty row with his agency partner, the phone rang.’
    • ‘I simply yell "see ya" and hit the end call button, cutting him off in mid flow.’
    • ‘I have discovered though, by listening to how some of my other mates handle this, that there are a couple of great ways to cut this off in mid flow.’
    • ‘Observe quietly as we catch his healthy self-love presently in mid flow.’
    • ‘The real thing I love most about blogging is that I get to talk about ME without someone telling me to shut up whilst I'm in mid flow.’
    • ‘The host seems to be taken by surprise by the commercials and has to cut the guest off in mid flow.’
    • ‘My tutor - I shan't name him - stopped me in mid-flow, shaking his head.’
    • ‘Robinson was invariably speaking as the programme ended, and the producers would be required to fade him out in mid-flow.’
    • ‘Violet is waiting to interject, but she knows better than to cut him off in mid-flow.’
    • ‘He was actually in mid-flow when I introduced myself.’