Definition of in mitigation in English:

in mitigation

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  • So as to make something, especially a crime, appear less serious and thus be punished more leniently.

    ‘in mitigation she said her client had been deeply depressed’
    • ‘All that appears on the plea in mitigation is the fact that he believed that it contained ecstasy.’
    • ‘If he is not in attendance reference will be made to any statement in mitigation previously provided by the defendant.’
    • ‘It raises matters as to his conviction and in mitigation of sentence.’
    • ‘What is the remedy where a fraudulent plea in mitigation of sentence produces an inadequate sentence?’
    • ‘He accepted that, on the judge's findings, no deduction was to be made in respect of steps which could have been taken in mitigation.’
    • ‘Your adviser can make a statement about your background or in mitigation of punishment.’
    • ‘In mitigation, the court heard that his ex-girlfriend was five months pregnant with their first child.’
    • ‘In mitigation I must remind you: this was the beginning of the Seventies.’
    • ‘In mitigation, one couldn't help notice the wealth of talent on the sideline.’
    • ‘In mitigation, I am on the move and posted this from an internet cafe.’