Definition of in mothballs in English:

in mothballs

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  • Unused but kept in good condition for future use.

    ‘it was no use keeping aircraft in mothballs without fully trained crews to fly them’
    • ‘Built in 1991, it spent six years in mothballs - as the former USSR fell apart - before coming to Australia and has only done 200 hours in the air (making it a child in aircraft years).’
    • ‘‘I have to say your decision to leave the ramp in mothballs is extremely disappointing, and will be to the disadvantage of local youngsters,’ he told town councillors at their meeting earlier this month.’
    • ‘He said: ‘Unfortunately, most of my treasures have to go now, and I'm putting everything else in mothballs.’’
    • ‘After six years in mothballs, the building is to reopen as an ‘entertainment city’.’
    • ‘Britain's one commercial wood-burning power station is in mothballs, starved of a small amount of cash to get it going, and with the farmers who were growing the coppicing willow to fuel it deprived of an income.’
    • ‘There will be nothing there but cruise ships - all in mothballs as a result of $200-a-barrel oil.’
    • ‘The NSW Opposition's justice spokesman says the Bathurst Jail will be in mothballs once the new Wellington prison opens.’
    • ‘As of this writing it's without an American distributor - which is a shame; such a vivid mass of celluloid deserves a fighting chance to engage a living audience before a sect of art-house obscurists put it in mothballs.’
    • ‘All three facilities, built by the Soviet Union, have been in mothballs or lightly used in recent years.’
    • ‘During March one of the last Harrier Jump Jet Squadrons of the Fleet Air Arm was disbanded and at the same time it was announced that HMS Ark Royal was to be put into mothballs.’