Definition of in motion in English:

in motion

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  • Moving.

    ‘flowing blonde hair that was constantly in motion’
    • ‘Jasmine flushed with guilt and couldn't seem to get her feet or her tongue in motion.’
    • ‘These have stopped passengers from getting on and off while the bus is in motion, or alighting where they please.’
    • ‘Managers and designers can then satisfy themselves that it will look as good in motion in the real world as it does on screen.’
    • ‘Permanently in motion, he seemed to fear what he might discover in the calm stillness of introspection.’
    • ‘Vehicles and their occupants in motion have kinetic energy that is dissipated in a crash.’
    • ‘I'm possibly a bad driver, but my passengers seem too scared to say anything while we're in motion.’
    • ‘One's clarity of mind while in motion is almost soothing.’
    • ‘She drew animals in motion during visits to national parks in Botswana, Kenya and Uganda.’
    • ‘The entire tree seemed to be in motion, and more little flocks flew in all the time.’
    • ‘Astronomy in this mould becomes a branch of pure mathematics, the study of spheres in motion.’