Definition of in name only in English:

in name only

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  • By description but not in reality.

    ‘a college in name only’
    • ‘The teaching ‘profession’ should not be a profession in name only.’
    • ‘When I arrived, Indonesia was full of players who were professional in name only.’
    • ‘Illegal logging activities continue in both protected and unprotected areas, and its status as a biosphere reserve and national park is effectively in name only.’
    • ‘Many people are members of God's Church in name only; they are not really interested in going forward, whilst others are satisfied with the way things are and see no reason for any change.’
    • ‘The letter was signed: ‘Your wife in name only, Lil’.’
    • ‘A national park in name only, this 33-million-acre preserve is pretty much left alone by the Brazilian park service.’
    • ‘Well, first of all, he is a Democrat in name only.’
    • ‘As his presidency progressed he came to distance himself more and more from the High Federalists; by the time he retired he was a Federalist in name only.’
    • ‘Government defendants can be defendants in name only.’
    • ‘The new rich capitalist elite have begun building themselves fantastic palaces with turrets, swimming pools and helicopter pads deep in the woods which are dachas in name only.’
    fake, faked, affected, assumed, professed, purported, spurious, ostensible, quasi-, contrived, in name only