Definition of in no uncertain terms in English:

in no uncertain terms

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  • Clearly and forcefully.

    ‘she refused me, in no uncertain terms’
    • ‘Grampian Police has a booklet on how to pass its tests in which it spells out the need for police officers to be fit in no uncertain terms.’
    • ‘That's how we started, in fact, making speeches laying out what we wanted in no uncertain terms.’
    • ‘That has meant telling trade groups and industry lobbies in no uncertain terms not to hire Democrats.’
    • ‘Disneyland management was contacted and told in no uncertain terms.’
    • ‘But we all know the results: they have all eventually said in no uncertain terms that the job is too much.’
    • ‘He told me in no uncertain terms that I was third choice of three keepers, one of which was young Ally Brown, who has never played for the first team.’
    • ‘Has any kid ever put a gun to his head during a training session just to let him know in no uncertain terms that he isn't at all angry about anything?’
    • ‘Many of us, myself among them, questioned the referee's parentage and eyesight in no uncertain terms.’
    • ‘He was told in no uncertain terms that the document was privileged.’
    • ‘We like nothing better than a riled footballer suggesting in no uncertain terms exactly what he's going to do with a rival coach's words.’