Definition of in one's birthday suit in English:

in one's birthday suit


  • Naked.

    • ‘I wanna walk around in my birthday suit.’
    • ‘I told her that despite it being cooler than usual… I'm still sleeping in my birthday suit.’
    • ‘Women looked away and parents shielded their children's eyes as a foreigner with a receding hairline pranced on the New Delhi railway platform in his birthday suit.’
    • ‘And a foxy new foreign exchange student strolls around school in her birthday suit.’
    • ‘I had to strip off and stand shivering in my birthday suit in calf-high water while she helped me wash.’
    • ‘However, if you do feel the need to run around in your birthday suit, then our advice would be to steer clear of Australia where such practices are met with a mandatory $5,000 fine.’
    • ‘At the prices these places charge I think you should be able to go round in your birthday suit if you want to.’
    • ‘I used to roll around in the snow in my birthday suit.’
    • ‘No, I thought I would go down in my birthday suit.’
    • ‘A lone biker contributed to the day's entertainment when he rode past the crowd clad only in his birthday suit.’