Definition of in one's own person in English:

in one's own person


  • Oneself; in person (used for emphasis)

    ‘I needed a housekeeper who would undertake, in her own person, all the duties of the home’
    • ‘Still moving almost like a twenty-year-old, she has demonstrated this in her own person.’
    • ‘This for most people would be an immense crisis of faith, because it's such a crisis in your own person.’
    • ‘A solicitor taking out probate is not bound to do everything in his own person.’
    • ‘Finally, Socrates speaks again in his own person.’
    • ‘Michelangelo, who more than any other embodied this change of status in his own person, was made one of the two heads and Duke Cosimo himself was the other.’
    • ‘Rather than write in his own person, Plato chose always to present Socrates as the figure of the philosopher searching for truth.’
    • ‘Pharmacy claims to be humane, for it serves the basic and universal concern to be whole and safe in one's own person.’
    • ‘‘Every man has a property in his own person,’ John Locke said.’
    • ‘Between 1970 and 1984 there has been sufficient mellowing of American public opinion so that James, once blacklisted, could be accepted in his own person now.’
    • ‘A person who could integrate these forces in his own person was thought to gain deep spiritual peace as well as magical powers and longevity.’
    physically, in the flesh, personally, bodily, actually