Definition of in one's own right in English:

in one's own right

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  • As a result of one's own claims, qualifications, or efforts, rather than an association with someone else.

    ‘he was already established as a poet in his own right’
    • ‘I suppose I would like to be recognised as a good player in my own right rather than a Paul McGrath want-to-be.’
    • ‘His newest work focuses, like Wilde, on a female lead, but the female here is an artist in her own right, rather than the wife of one.’
    • ‘She claimed asylum in her own right but, in fact, in February 1998 gave up her application and returned to Ecuador.’
    • ‘But if the husband's earnings are high, and he is simply mean with his money, the wife is unable to claim in her own right.’
    • ‘I worked for most of my married life and paid a full stamp so that I would qualify for a pension in my own right when I retired but now it still looks as though I'm missing out.’
    • ‘However, you may not know that Leonard Nimoy is a most capable singer and poet in his own right.’
    • ‘She now has a British passport, so qualifies in her own right to compete for Scotland.’
    • ‘And thanks to all of you who are really legends in your own right.’
    • ‘For the first time you will have a pension in your own right.’
    • ‘The performers are all accomplished in their own right, and together they are simply magnificent.’