Definition of in one's tracks in English:

in one's tracks


  • Where one or something is at that moment; suddenly.

    ‘Turner immediately stopped dead in his tracks’
    • ‘Suddenly, he stops in his tracks as if he is getting a message from the great beyond.’
    • ‘Suddenly, I stopped in my tracks, causing some guy of roller blades behind me to serve and hit a rock on the pavement.’
    • ‘He suddenly stopped dead in his tracks with an extremely amused look on his face.’
    • ‘He suddenly stopped in his tracks and appeared to be staring at something in the yard.’
    • ‘That member should have been stopped in his tracks from the very moment he got to his feet.’
    • ‘That was why the Janitor who pursued them earlier had halted so suddenly in his tracks.’
    • ‘Michael suddenly stopped dead in his tracks and looked has if he was about to faint.’
    • ‘Then she suddenly stopped in her tracks and went over to the window.’
    • ‘Heavens above, I don't think that expression of view is going to sort of stop communications policy in its tracks.’
    • ‘While these campy interludes are good for a few laughs, after the first one they quickly become interminable and stop the film dead in its tracks.’