Definition of in one's way in English:

in one's way


(also in one's own way)
  • If regarded from a particular standpoint appropriate to that person or thing.

    ‘she's become iconic in her own way over the years’
    • ‘it's a good enough book in its way’
    • ‘It's macho enough, and he would probably think it was quite avant-garde in its way.’
    • ‘In all seriousness, it was entertaining and fun in its own way.’
    • ‘And, in its own way, this pursuit is what makes every day exciting and challenging.’
    • ‘It's a bit less effort then a hill climb perhaps, but challenging in its own way.’
    • ‘Each show is different in its own way and that's what keeps you going.’
    • ‘We were together though, the three of us and although we would have had more fun with a full house, it was lovely in its own way.’
    • ‘It's different to the middle of the day - much more mellow, but so striking in its own way.’
    • ‘Everyone is gifted in their own way.’
    • ‘They’re empire builders, in their own way.’
    • ‘In her own way she accomplished a lot.’