Definition of in one fell swoop in English:

in one fell swoop

(also at one fell swoop)

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  • All at one time.

    ‘nothing can topple the government in one fell swoop’
    • ‘Freedom and privacy rarely, if ever, disappear in one fell swoop.’
    • ‘And in one fell swoop, all the things I had to remember her by were gone.’
    • ‘In one fell swoop fuel has been added to the fire of community disillusion with its political appointees.’
    • ‘In one fell swoop, he has managed to anger just about everyone attending university.’
    • ‘In one fell swoop Scottish racing would be transformed and upgraded as never before.’
    • ‘In one fell swoop we would alienate every parent and teacher in the country.’
    • ‘In one fell swoop, professional regulation has been radically and disturbingly transformed.’
    • ‘In one fell swoop, it gets new customers for its existing products and new products for its existing customers.’
    • ‘In one fell swoop we have cured the traffic jam problem, the fuel crisis and air pollution!’
    • ‘In one fell swoop they are increasing the amount of traffic on the roads.’
    all at once, together, at the same time, in one go, with one move, outright
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