Definition of in open court in English:

in open court


  • In a court of law, before the judge and the public.

    ‘judgement was delivered in open court’
    • ‘That Act does not specifically empower clerks or court administrators to attend in open court and remand or adjourn cases on the record as happened here.’
    • ‘The order, as formalised, does not reflect the reasons of the court, the order pronounced in open court by the judges making the order, or the intent of the judges.’
    • ‘I think there is no need to certify for counsel, as we have been in open court as the Court of Disputed Returns.’
    • ‘In such a case, the judge should state this in open court when passing sentence.’
    • ‘The terms of the order were not explained to the defendant by the magistrates in open court.’
    • ‘Here we have come to a situation where inadvertently the Crown Prosecutor has opened that aspect in open court.’
    • ‘The attack by the judge on the integrity of the defendant in open court in front of the jury was, to my mind, wholly exceptional.’
    • ‘Currently, both the Supreme Court and the High Court are able to deliver their judgments in open court or through the registrar.’
    • ‘As convictions and sentences are pronounced in open court, such information is in the public domain.’
    • ‘We have a case in Arkansas decided this spring of this year where a lawyer lied to a federal judge under oath in open court and was only suspended and not disbarred.’