Definition of in pairs in English:

in pairs


  • In groups of two.

    ‘ravens are usually seen in pairs’
    • ‘The large macaws usually fly around in pairs, sometimes accompanied by their offspring.’
    • ‘I buy a coffee and watch the people arrive in pairs or groups as I drink it.’
    • ‘This exchange of ideas takes no more than a minute and is especially profitable when children spend 20 seconds or so discussing their ideas in pairs before responding in a whole class context.’
    • ‘Nine members of the dance group worked intensely, mostly alone or in pairs.’
    • ‘Their reluctance was so great that they had to go out in pairs, with one of them acting as moral support for the other.’
    • ‘Black Oystercatchers are usually seen in pairs or in small to medium-sized flocks.’
    • ‘During the first 8 to 10 days of instruction, students work in pairs in the classroom to solve the main problem on the CD.’