Definition of in parallel in English:

in parallel


  • 1Occurring at the same time and having some connection.

    ‘various elements of the booster station have been developed in parallel’
    • ‘Thus, it seems that an altered respiratory function develops in parallel with duration of cold exposure.’
    • ‘It can more easily afford to develop next-generation plant in parallel with older lines.’
    • ‘There are a number of special insights developed in parallel to the main analysis.’
    • ‘Mass media and popular culture developed in parallel to the Jazz Age in the West.’
    • ‘In the examples so far discussed, the analysis of a word into its component morphemes takes place in parallel at the phonological and the semantic levels.’
    1. 1.1(of electrical components or circuits) connected to common points at each end; not in series.
      ‘We wired a small electric light in parallel with the circuit to the engine heater.’
      • ‘Three thermocouples were connected in parallel to give a mean output.’
      • ‘Here, though, the turbochargers work in series rather than in parallel: a small one close to the engine, a bigger one downstream.’
      • ‘Two deep-cycle batteries connected in parallel were used to supply power to the data logger and a total of eight gauges.’
      • ‘Most of the circuits were in parallel, so one tube flickering caused the others in that circuit to pulse in antiphase.’