Definition of in parenthesis in English:

in parenthesis


  • As a digression or afterthought.

    ‘in parenthesis I should say that I am passing quickly over the significance of these matters’
    • ‘Well, as is the case for just about everything that does well on home video, the makers of Friday have concocted yet another adventure with weed in parenthesis.’
    • ‘We note in parenthesis that, when a Customs officer stated in interview that ‘I understand that it's not for your personal use’, Mr Taylor replied ‘Not all of it no’.’
    • ‘(I observe in parenthesis that the St Catherine's site was site 8).’
    • ‘We observe in parenthesis that the transcript of the evidence at trial is not available; however, it is not suggested that its absence is material to the broad ground of appeal as we have summarised it.’
    • ‘As we say in that part in parenthesis there, a development control plan, which is discretion guiding, could not have an adverse effect on as of right use because you are entitled to do it.’
    • ‘Except for the part in parenthesis, yes, I agree.’
    • ‘The Donaldson ruling appears just fleetingly in parenthesis in Peters' chapter and little direct attention is paid to the important work of scholars such as Mark Rose on this topic.’
    • ‘He lists the other travelers on the Cuba excursion as if they are all simply types, with whispered attacks in parenthesis.’
    • ‘This was a throwaway observation, in parenthesis, so that we might forgive Wrightson for overlooking it.’
    • ‘I should add in parenthesis that the sixth reason there stated, that Mr Atkins has agreed to give evidence in New York but not elsewhere, is wrong.’