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in particular

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  • Especially (used to show that a statement applies to one person or thing more than any other)

    ‘he socialized with the other young people, one boy in particular’
    • ‘The ELO in particular only appeared in the trailer but is the stand out piece here.’
    • ‘I was pleased with the results, and one in particular I reckon is as good as I can do.’
    • ‘I cannot begin to tell you how much pleasure that last one, in particular, gave me.’
    • ‘Toddlers in particular are not known for the patience and sitting still skills.’
    • ‘No set, and in particular no infinite set, has as many members as it has subsets.’
    • ‘Part of it had to do with the players themselves, and in particular the contrast between them.’
    • ‘The first half in particular was epitomised by a real uncertainty in dealing with crosses.’
    • ‘They, and one in particular, often forget to say thank you when it is called for.’
    • ‘One of Maurice, in particular, bought tears to her eyes as the memories flooded back.’
    specific, special
    particularly, specifically, to be specific, especially, specially
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