Definition of in peril of in English:

in peril of


(also at peril of)
  • 1Very likely to incur or to suffer from.

    ‘the movement is in peril of dying’
    • ‘At the moment, Canadian women are not in peril of losing their constitutional right to choose.’
    • ‘Will it provide an artistic continuity that is in peril of being lost without public support?’
    • ‘Worse yet, doesn't he know he's in peril of quickly morphing into a Saturday night highlight?’
    • ‘Questioning in a police inquiry or a background investigation or even a credit check would be in peril of being deemed a search of the person about whom the questions were asked.’
    • ‘My point is that our civilization stands in peril of the same grave danger.’
    • ‘But we are in peril of having our view of the future obscured by our ignorance of the past.’
    • ‘But if our coming generation of leaders refuses to honestly confront the denial of truth or responsibility which they reflect, our nation will surely be in peril of losing its way in the years ahead.’
    • ‘Prison life wends its weary way until one storm-tossed day the Indefatigable chases a Spanish ship so far ashore that the Spanish ship wrecks and puts its crew in peril of drowning.’
    • ‘Today, if a brand isn't engaged in some form of grass roots marketing, it's in peril of being considered woefully out of date.’
    • ‘Instead of being a soused soldier among many others, he must operate as a secret operative always in peril of discovery and dismissal, continuously struggling to conceal the accent and mannerisms of his mother country.’
    1. 1.1At risk of losing or injuring.
      ‘anyone linked with the cause would be in peril of their life’
      • ‘It's those who are so eager to kill her who stand in peril of their souls.’
      • ‘To put it another way, the demand for fresh produce and the like exists even in the relatively poor inner cities, but those who try to meet that demand often do so in peril of their lives.’