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in perpetuity

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(also for perpetuity)
  • Forever.

    ‘all the Bonapartes were banished from France in perpetuity’
    • ‘Sales of permanent water mean selling your water in perpetuity; sales of temporary water transfer water on an annual basis.’
    • ‘In 1625, he leaves prison banished in perpetuity, his health ruined and his spirit broken.’
    • ‘Or will the children believe they have achieved everything there is to achieve in sport, and seek to rest on their laurels in perpetuity?’
    • ‘However, the production techniques should be environmentally sustainable, so that high yields can be obtained in perpetuity.’
    • ‘Is this country consigned to be a debtor nation in perpetuity?’
    • ‘The three properties are maintained in perpetuity, places of pilgrimage, evocative of history.’
    • ‘Over the long term, these activities will ensure that the natural values of the lands are protected in perpetuity.’
    • ‘As the Romans learned, safety cannot be purchased from one's neighbours in perpetuity.’
    • ‘This meant all 10 properties would remain as rental accommodation in perpetuity.’
    • ‘It looked as though the situation was likely to continue in perpetuity unless someone did something about it.’
    forever, permanently, for always, for good, for good and all, perpetually, evermore, for evermore, for ever and ever, for all time, for all future time, until the end of time, eternally, for eternity, everlastingly
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