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in place

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  • 1Working or ready to work; established.

    ‘contingency plans should be in place’
    • ‘the rules which we shall put in place in the months ahead meet these criteria’
    • ‘It is hoped that a new model to calculate fees will be established and in place by next year.’
    • ‘Once my furnishings were in place and the draperies ordered it was too late to change my mind anyway.’
    • ‘Arrangements would be put in place to make sure he was kept away from patients who did not wish to see him.’
    • ‘He was due to be out on a course last week, so normal cover arrangements were in place.’
    • ‘It was not until after these arrangements were in place that matters began to move forward.’
    • ‘So what contingency plans are in place in case the almost unimaginable were to happen?’
    • ‘Members voted against this in order to keep last year's car parking budget in place.’
    • ‘Systems can also be put in place to starve a vehicle of fuel, bringing it to a slow halt.’
    • ‘Several proposals have been considered, but as yet no feasible plans are in place.’
    • ‘A new government system for the auditing of public accounts has been in place for two years.’
    ready, set up, established, arranged, in order, all set
    establish, set up, start, begin, get going, initiate, institute, form, found, create, bring into being, inaugurate, organize, lay the foundations of, build, construct, install, plant
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  • 2North American Not traveling any distance.

    ‘running in place’
    • ‘Like hamsters on an exercise wheel, we ran in place, facing a long mirror and staring at ourselves.’
    in position, in situ
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