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in place of

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  • Instead of.

    ‘eat raisins in place of junk food desserts’
    • ‘In place of regulations, guidance is likely to be issued to schools to follow before reaching a decision.’
    • ‘In place of jammed highways, the city will have an emerald necklace of parkland.’
    • ‘In place of high walls and legions of armed guards, security largely depended on a metal door with a padlock.’
    • ‘In place of traffic wardens, a team of 40 parking attendants now patrols our streets.’
    • ‘In place of the Queen's crest on the front would be the 12 yellow stars of the European flag.’
    • ‘In place of a tune it has some sophisticated harmonies that complement intelligent lyrics.’
    • ‘In place of the advertised post there will be a short public information post.’
    • ‘In place of scientific procedure we get a confusing display of theatricality.’
    • ‘In place of a glass of vintage claret, the normal refreshment was green tea at around four.’
    • ‘In place of the spokes in all four wheels he inserted odd markings that read as blurs.’
    instead of, as an alternative for, rather than, as a substitute for, as a replacement for, in exchange for, in lieu of
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