Definition of in print in English:

in print


  • 1(of a book) available from the publisher.

    ‘he was surprised to find it was still in print’
    • ‘It is a small paperback book easily available and still in print.’
    • ‘I need to persuade my Dad to dig that book out as I am pretty sure it is not in print or even available second hand.’
    • ‘All of the books mentioned here are currently in print and available from good book shops.’
    • ‘His paintings are available in print for the first time as five limited editions.’
    • ‘Fahey's book is not the first about the mission, but it is the only book in print.’
    • ‘There are currently more than 40 books about him in print, yet he still manages to come cloaked in a certain mystique.’
    • ‘For such a small shop, Mr. Carleton has a large selection and his boast is that he can get any book in print.’
    • ‘We send books all over the world and can order in any books in print.’
    • ‘The book is still in print and has been translated into several languages.’
    • ‘Far too few of this great writer's books are in print in English and I grab my chances whenever I can.’
    • ‘There was no author picture, and few of his other books seemed to be in print.’
    • ‘The librarian, having failed to find it in an Internet search of books in print, had given up.’
    • ‘Now all of Himes' books are back in print but Sallis still believes that they are misread.’
    • ‘I can't guarantee that any particular back issue is still in print, but it's worth asking.’
    • ‘Perhaps there should be a petition to publishers that writers nominate books that ought to be back in print.’
    • ‘It was the only book of its kind and stayed in print for 40 years, running to four editions.’
    • ‘Deren's book is still very much in print, as are a fair number of Kenneth Grant's books.’
    • ‘Anyone who has a book which they would like to see in print should take a close look at this option.’
    • ‘Is there a particular person whose opinion on a pedagogical issue you'd like to see in print?’
    • ‘Because this book makes such a valuable contribution to our understanding of this complex issue it is good to have it in print once again.’
    published, printed, available in bookshops, obtainable in the shops, in circulation, on the market, on the shelves
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  • 2In printed or published form.

    ‘she did not live to see her work in print’
    • ‘Far too many online sites are not interactive and are just the archive of what was published in print.’
    • ‘All this will mean some hard thinking about how we present the information we publish both in print and on the web.’
    • ‘The evidence provided is based on published material in print and in electronic format.’
    • ‘Are you achieving your goals for press coverage, given what you've seen on the air and in print?’
    • ‘Storytelling on the Web has a different set of needs than storytelling in print.’
    • ‘There is a very special feeling that I had previously never experienced upon seeing my words in print and my name right there in ink on paper.’
    • ‘It was a splendid and successful audition, but she would have to go to England to get her book in print.’
    • ‘Getting a book like this in print was not easy and I was indeed lucky to find a brave publisher.’
    • ‘Her patience and her dedication to seeing those books in print have truly paid off.’
    • ‘At his death, Wheatley had 50 books in print, and total sales were 41 million copies.’
    printed, in black and white, on paper
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