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in public

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  • In view of other people; when others are present.

    ‘men don't cry in public’
    • ‘You expect to be ticked off from time to time if you venture your views in public.’
    • ‘So we were not used to seeing strong men crying in public, and not at all sure how to react when we did.’
    • ‘He is not seen much in public these days and his views on the situation are not known.’
    • ‘No doubt when the current government falls, there will be dirty linen washed in public.’
    • ‘That gave Aitken confidence to talk in public about justice and honour when he knew he was lying.’
    • ‘He is a man who speaks reluctantly, at least in public, of disappointment and griefs.’
    • ‘If this is how some people behave in public, Heaven only knows how they carry on in their own homes.’
    • ‘He says in public what other MPs say in private, which confers upon him a kind of immunity.’
    • ‘When I am out in public and light up I abide by and respect the rules of wherever I am.’
    • ‘He added that no decision had been made yet on whether to ban smoking in public.’
    publicly, in full view of people public, in full view of the public, openly, in the open, for all to see, undisguisedly, blatantly, flagrantly, brazenly, with no attempt at concealment, overtly, boldly, audaciously, unashamedly, shamelessly, unabashed, wantonly, immodestly
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