Definition of in recovery in English:

in recovery


  • In the process of recovering from mental illness, drug addiction, or past abuse.

    ‘support groups for parents whose children are in recovery’
    • ‘Some people in recovery from food addiction are also recovered alcoholics.’
    • ‘He admitted the festive season can often lead to depression for those currently using drugs or in recovery, but he believes the New Year can offer renewed hope, too.’
    • ‘Many patients in recovery are concerned about taking antidepressants.’
    • ‘It is likely that many of these individuals are in recovery themselves.’
    • ‘We now know that smokers who are in recovery from alcohol abuse can stop smoking without starting to drink again.’
    • ‘His own daughter is in recovery after five years of struggling with an eating disorder.’
    • ‘I have struggled with anorexia for the last five years or so, but I'm now in recovery and eating normally.’
    • ‘Chirpy as he sounds, he is still in recovery.’
    • ‘My closest friends are my friends in recovery, because we can talk to each other about what we feel today and help each other through it.’
    • ‘Along my journey in recovery, I've met a lot of courageous people young and old who have the courage to change and kick this deadly habit.’