Definition of in rem in English:

in rem


often postpositive
  • Made or availing against or affecting a thing, and therefore other people generally; imposing a general liability.

    ‘it confers a right in rem’
    Compare with in personam
    • ‘It would admittedly not be the usual case of subrogation to security rights in rem and in personam.’
    • ‘The second and third defendants were the owners of the vessels, neither of which has been served with the proceedings although there are proceedings in rem against the second defendant which are proceeding in this jurisdiction.’
    • ‘It is sufficient if one of them has the authorisation because the authorisation seems to act in rem, not in personam.’
    • ‘A lien may be claimed as an in rem right against an article on which the lien claimant has effected repairs or expended money for repairs or for which it has provided storage.’
    • ‘Many a writ in rem has been issued in the hope or expectation that the ship against which the plaintiff has brought his action will come within the jurisdiction.’


Latin, ‘against a thing’.


in rem

/ɪn ˈrɛm/