Definition of in return in English:

in return

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  • As a response, exchange, or reward for something.

    ‘he leaves the house to his sister in return for her kindness’
    • ‘Immunity from prosecution in return for truthful testimony was discussed early on, and rejected.’
    • ‘If you're not being paid much for the job you're doing, make sure you get something out of it in return at the time.’
    • ‘He says he gives a lot of himself teaching, but gets a lot in return.’
    • ‘What you give people to try, and what you give them in return for their money, is up to you.’
    • ‘Charles relinquished his claim to Burgundy in return for an indemnity of two million gold ecus from Francis.’
    • ‘He was offered the space in return for making a corporate video for a company.’
    • ‘Sponsors are shelling out to keep its City-to-City tour going and not even asking for anything in return.’
    • ‘Manila became the centre for a trade in Chinese silks with Mexico, in return for Mexican silver dollars.’
    • ‘As much as people care about tax, they also care about what they receive in return for their taxes.’
    • ‘The idea is that they invest in the company in return for a share of the future success and stay involved for several years.’
    in exchange for, in consideration of