Definition of in sequence in English:

in sequence


  • In a given order.

    ‘So the right way to order the elements in sequence is by atomic number, which progresses by one from each element to the next.’
    • ‘At some point, they'll probably have at least one marathon with all the episodes to date aired in sequence.’
    • ‘I can still continue to win bets naming all the Soviet leaders in sequence.’
    • ‘You set forth several of the recommendations, but they were in sequence, as you know, in the report.’
    • ‘One may think a multitude of thoughts only by moving among them in sequence.’
    • ‘It's better for the nominees to be taken in sequence, separated by a decent interval.’
    • ‘Most schemes require works to be carried out in sequence.’
    • ‘For total recall, visualise each location in sequence.’
    • ‘As stated above, the metaphor represents events which occurred in sequence, in created time and space.’
    • ‘It's immediately obvious that they know what they're doing, introducing themselves in sequence and enunciating clearly.’