Definition of in series in English:

in series


  • (of a set of batteries or electrical components) arranged so that the current passes through each successively.

    ‘the four field coils are connected in series’
    • ‘a current-sensing relay which is in series with the heater element’
    • ‘If you hook two batteries in series to get 3 volts, what does that do to the strength of the magnet?’
    • ‘In the Tandem Cell there are two photo catalytic cells arranged in series.’
    • ‘In extensive plants, it is also possible to connect the circuit-breakers in series.’
    • ‘There are a few laws of physics and other parameters that must be considered before adding an amplifier in series with a coaxial cable line.’
    • ‘Change your luck by wiring two 12V car batteries in series to get your engine started.’
    • ‘So to get the voltage needed for common applications, cells are assembled in series to form a fuel cell stack.’
    • ‘The resistor will absorb some of the voltage across it when we place it in series with the resistor.’
    • ‘It is connected in series between the utility power supply and the load.’
    • ‘The panels themselves can be wired together in parallel or in series to produce a variety of currents suitable for almost any use.’
    • ‘The prismatic 9V cells, as used in smoke detectors, contain six small cells wired in series.’