Definition of in session in English:

in session


  • Assembled for or proceeding with business.

    ‘throughout the long wait the court remained in session’
    • ‘No court was in session on that day because no judge or justice of the peace was in court.’
    • ‘This was made up of magnates who enjoyed freedom of speech while the assembly was in session.’
    • ‘A lawyer told me the courts were in session but all cases were being routinely continued.’
    • ‘Judge Alex is rounding up the usual suspects and court is now in session.’
    • ‘Now Congress is back in session, but is it any closer to taking action?’
    • ‘Now when I got over to the Capitol five minutes later, the House, which had been in session, went into recess.’
    • ‘Today, the youth court is in session, as it is once a week.’
    • ‘As it turned out, the court had not been in session until 12 pm.’
    • ‘Staff in the parliament work to impossible deadlines, can't take holidays when the parliament is in session and work excessive hours.’
    • ‘Opponents claimed it was unconstitutional since it was issued when parliament was not in session.’