Definition of in shirtsleeves in English:

in shirtsleeves

(also in one's shirtsleeves)


  • Wearing a shirt without a jacket or coat over it.

    ‘people strolled about in shirtsleeves under sunny skies’
    • ‘at the long table sat eight men in their shirtsleeves’
    • ‘Summer had come early, and we were in our shirtsleeves, sitting at a table outside.’
    • ‘Now I've had to put my sweater in the washing machine and sit here in the none-too-warm office in my shirtsleeves.’
    • ‘But one day in the summer I saw him in his shirtsleeves, the indelible blackish-green numbers of the concentration camp inmates tattooed into his arm.’
    • ‘He was standing on a balcony overlooking the city, delivering some fairly serious commentary but in his shirtsleeves.’
    • ‘He stood there in his shirtsleeves as I took off my scarf and gloves and started unbuttoning my coat.’
    • ‘Sitting in the posh seats with the suits and ties, he perched in his shirtsleeves, ready for a scrap.’
    • ‘He'd haul in a few dozen loads of dry wood and they'd heat the place up until we could set up a town in there and walk around in our shirtsleeves.’
    • ‘He was in his shirtsleeves - which may sound like no big deal in our post-dotcom, T-shirt world, but in 1977 was a stunning comment on how the place felt and worked.’
    • ‘William stood before them in his shirtsleeves, presently not looking very steady on his feet.’
    • ‘Louis was in his shirtsleeves, utterly absorbed in one of the rare plants he was nurturing.’