Definition of in short in English:

in short


  • To sum up; briefly.

    ‘we hope, in short, to bring theory and practice together in each session’
    • ‘It has, in short, become impossible to ignore the fact that obesity is a class issue.’
    • ‘In short, this bill allows the Attorney-General to appoint an almost infinite number of judges.’
    • ‘In short, those twin categories must be thought of as indicative, and not absolute, for analytical purposes.’
    • ‘In short, a quality of life that the profit-first motive can't and won't deliver.’
    • ‘In short, religion, regarded as an explanation of nature, is displaced by science.’
    • ‘In short, the quality of your trip depends largely on proper planning for the unexpected.’
    • ‘In short, the quality of the rifles did not match the performance and expense of the ammunition.’
    • ‘In short, therefore, a change of circumstances may lead to a revised determination of benefit payable.’
    • ‘In short we are playing catch-up, as we have so often in the past.’
    • ‘In short the party of change must now show itself flexible enough to change its own central strategy.’
    briefly, to put it briefly, to put it concisely, to put it succinctly, in a word, in a nutshell, in a few words, in precis, in essence, to cut a long story short, to come to the point
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