Definition of in shreds in English:

in shreds


  • Very badly damaged; destroyed or ruined.

    ‘my reputation will be in shreds’
    • ‘All over England, removal vans are probably circling, followed by weeping homeless persons, their hopes in shreds.’
    • ‘A French cabinet minister once branded him a " personality in shreds ".’
    • ‘Smoked duck breast from Ilan County is cut in shreds.’
    • ‘In Bulawayo, police last week discovered several thousand Z $500 notes, mysteriously lying in shreds on a rubbish tip.’
    • ‘The once effective Unemployment Insurance programme is in shreds.’
    • ‘In a searing attack, Conservative leader said the Prime Minister's credibility lay in shreds.’
    • ‘With the French president's ambitious plans for a cohesive, more centralised European Union in shreds, Ireland can take a bow.’
    • ‘Political posters were torn in shreds, property damaged.’
    • ‘I left the department store with my budget intact, but my Christmas spirit in shreds.’
    • ‘Poor conditions cause injuries, as do the terrible shoes they wear until they are in shreds.’