Definition of in silence in English:

in silence


  • Without speech or other sound.

    ‘we finished our meal in silence’
    • ‘We ate in silence except for the sound of crunching of chips and slurping of drinks.’
    • ‘He would think in silence, at meals or in bed or during a walk, sometimes jotting an idea down on a piece of paper.’
    • ‘We both sat in silence and waited for what seemed to be about an hour for him to come out.’
    • ‘Pupils unable to sit still in a classroom for more than five minutes will work in silence on the computers.’
    • ‘Shops on the route were advised to close while the throng walked in silence or softly sang for peace.’
    • ‘There are many more families who are suffering in silence because of this hidden problem.’
    • ‘We drove in silence for a while, and I made a point of sighing at every red light.’
    • ‘So I turned back to the window, and watched in silence as the drama continued to unfold.’
    • ‘Rather than seek help for bullying, they choose to keep quiet and suffer in silence.’
    • ‘He eased the Fokker around and they flew in silence, each busy with his own thoughts.’