Definition of in small doses in English:

in small doses


  • When experienced or engaged in a little at a time.

    ‘computer games are great in small doses’
    • ‘I'm learning that paradise on earth exists in small doses - part of experiencing it is the ability to leave it behind and keep going in the faith that you have been there and that days like these come around if you let them.’
    • ‘Something unpalatable may be acceptable in small doses, but not in a big dose.’
    • ‘The fourth album is like an incredibly rich chocolate cake - utterly indulgent, strikingly intense in small doses, quickly sating the appetite.’
    • ‘I'll be leaving 2003 exactly as I entered it: enjoying the band in small doses, still uncertain as to whether they're a triumph of style over substance.’
    • ‘General readers should not be put off by these somewhat academically impenetrable study aims, for, absorbed in small doses, the general reader obtains a useful insight into the Japanese mind.’
    • ‘Get to know the anti-social cutie in small doses.’
    • ‘I believe it's slightly overrated but it's fun in small doses.’
    • ‘Even more than dance music (which he can just about tolerate in small doses and at low volumes, if pushed), this represents everything he hates.’
    • ‘I'm used to being able to tolerate wheat in small doses.’
    • ‘And I can be almost tolerable, if you take me in small doses.’