Definition of in so many words in English:

in so many words

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  • often with negative Precisely in the way mentioned.

    ‘I haven't told him in so many words, but he'd understand’
    • ‘He not only called me a liar but also said, in so many words, ‘I'm alone this weekend and bored so I thought I'd ask you all out.’’
    • ‘‘If I don't win a major,’ the player will say in so many words, ‘I'll still have had a rewarding career.’’
    • ‘I flipped through the magazine and an article says, in so many words, that being interested in celebrities is good for you.’
    • ‘She told him, in so many words, ‘We're messing your son up, and maybe the psychologist can undo our damage.’’
    • ‘The president and his advisors want to duck responsibility by claiming, in so many words, that the Louisiana authorities didn't fill out the right forms.’
    • ‘She consulted with the manager, and told me, in so many words, that I lived in firestorm-and-lethal-radiation territory.’
    • ‘Upon taking over the paper, he told reporters and editors in so many words that the paper was garbage and needed a complete makeover.’
    • ‘Without actually saying so in so many words, the author brings out the interplay of nature and nurture - of inherent character and the effect of environment.’
    • ‘On the USDA site, it says that, in so many words, this chart was tested to death on consumers for maximum comprehension.’
    • ‘None of them states this in so many words, but it is the inescapable consequence of their rhetoric about contracts and deals and obligations.’